Leadership begins with you

The small things that WE do today the small choices WE are making that WE don’t think they amount to ANYTHING; these are the things that shall one day define our lives.

They little good things we do when you string them together are what we finally call well lived life.wp-1467183464773.jpg

True leadership is about standing for something higher. It’s not about the title, it’s not about becoming a CEO and it’s not about having an office corner. True leadership is about doing your part taking personal responsibility. Understand that everyone is a leader if you breathe oxygen you have a responsibility to be a leader, to make a difference, to stand for something higher and develop other human beings.

I love what mother Theresa said when she said (If everyone could clean their door steps, the whole world would be clean) meaning if every person did their part we would make a big difference.

Every time you point a finger at someone being the reason things are not working out in your life e.g your parents, you bosses, Your Government the other 3 fingers always confirm the opposite. The truth is you are the reason things are not working out in your life not the person your index finger is pointing at. We are responsible for everything that happens to us. We have the power to make the difference. Blaming is nothing but excusing ourselves.




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Business start up and Branding by Ackim Mwale (Life Coach) presented at East park mall


23rd November 2016 @ 17:45

Business start up ideas

Most of people would like to start up their own business, but most people have no idea regarding what business they should go into in order for them to stand out. in my presentation yesterday i looked at few points to consider before you go into starting a business.

when starting a business you need to look at a business that does not only bring alot of money but a business that shall be able to sustain you for a long time and the easiest way to go into such businesses is by looking at your gifts that God has blessed you with. at one point in my life i used to own a Barbershop which was doing very fine and i used to make some good amount of money. I became so happy to have come up with this business idea and started running it. alot of people showered me with praises for setting up this beautiful babershop I called BLADEZ BARBERSHOP which was in Kitwe at Wedding center.wp-image-1590260550jpg.jpg

I was able to set up a good business that attracted a good number of high class clients, but not for long.

when the business was doing well, the person I had employed to be cutting hair , started coming to work drunk, or he would skip work in the process I would send my client away because I never had the skills of cutting hair myself .

From the story what i wanted to drive home is the idea that if you want to start your own business, the first thing you need to invest in is not how to run the business but to invest in acquiring the skills yourself so that even if the people you bring on board decide to not show up at your work place  your clients can still enjoy the service from you just like they enjoy from your workers.

Never start a business that you yourself  cannot physically do, the life span of your business becomes limited. invest time in learning the skills even if it means you paying alot of money to learn it go ahead and do i




when you want your products and services you shall be offering to be instantly recognizable  make time to invest in self branding, brand yourself so well that when your name is mentioned people are reminded of the products and services you deal in. If any one mentions FACEBOOK I don’t know if anyone out there thinks of MARK ZUCKERBERG or if I mention APPLE not sure who thinks of STEVE JOBS because the product was not the first to be branded by the owner of the product was. self branding makes it clear for people to think of your products when your are mentioned .if i mention STEVE JOBS what comes to your mind are the amazing products he made, MARK ZUCKERBERG you think of Facebook, MAZHANDHU blue buses with well coordinated system  remember the Name is the Brand not the blue buses . am sure because of how they branding for MAZHANDHU was  done every time you see a blue bus what you first register is MAZHANDHU then if you cant see the name on it you realize its not one of their buses.

so start branding yourself first as you move on this amazing journey of Entrepreneurship BUSINESS START UP AND BRANDING.

join us next Wednesday as we look at HOW TO MAKE YOUR BUSINESS STAND OUT




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Ackim Mwale
Life Coach



2 months ago i was invited to a launch of a new  restaurant within Lusaka, there were so many different people who were invited. The atmosphere was electrifying as everything was on point. All the details were taken care of, the waitresses were looking good and so full of life. 
The owner of the restaurant who is also a chef had taken extra care to personally prepare special dishes so that we could sample his hidden cooking skills that he has been keeping within him. 

Every dish was prepared and served with love because every morsel was delicious and everyone would ask for more. I was filled will delight cause i now knew where to come when i needed both service and quality. 

When we made an order food would come within the shortest period possible, I mentioned to most guests that if this service delivery turn around is going to be maintained most restaurants will loose clients to this new chick in town.
After this special day had past i spent most of my time  telling my friends about this new restaurant and their speed of service delivery upon making your orders, my recommendations    brought them alot of clients and people seemed to love this place.

Six months down the line I took some friends who had come to visit from kitwe so that l could wow them with this beautiful  place , I got a shock of my life . Food took 30 minutes to be brought to the table , the waitresses had no life in them they looked worn out and so disconnected to what they were doing . 

I felt really bad to see how a wonderful restaurant full of life had become so lifeless, I took it upon myself to ask the manager to what had happened to the once vibrant  restaurant, and this is what I was told .

To be continued…………. 

Why businesses fail part 1

Ackim Mwale

Life Coach 


Last week a friend called me to tell me that i needed to get ready so that he could  take me to see some beautiful place around Lusaka.  

I was all done looking and smelling good and started  waiting for him to come through.
I was not so sure how i was supposed to be dressed but i made sure i was not in a tie and that i was not sagging too ,but looking perfect. How you dress is how you shall always be addressed, i have great respect for that statement.
We drove all the way close to Chongwe on great east road and we branched off into a gravel road. 

When we arrived at the intended  place what caught my attention  was a real Zebra that was coming in our direction ,  then we were  enveloped by so many different  species. I felt like i was dreaming. I was so ecstatic  in disbelief that someone had setup a house and within his yard he had put up so many different animals that would attract so many people to come through and pay to just watch them. 
After the beautiful tour around the premises it hit me that it must have taken a vision and long term of planning for somone  to buy these animals feed them and grow them to the point they are at now. After that today’s topic came up to why most businesses fail. Stay connected 
To be continued……